The Build-A-Stone Difference


At Build-A-Stone we're out to do Address Stones better than anyone has before. Here's how we’re raising the bar:

Durability and Longevity

Simply put: a Build-A-Stone address stone is the highest quality stone on the market.


We use an extremely durable and dense engineered limestone mix that will stand the test of time- likely outlasting most houses. Most of our competitors' stones are made with a low cost, light-weight mix that will exhibit efflorescence and/or crazing within a decade or so. Don’t let installing a low-grade stone cause you headaches in years to come.

Fast Turnaround

In today’s competitive market low turnaround time is critical. That’s why we guarantee that your stone ships next business day. Compare that to most of our competitors, who only make stones once a week.

Easy Process

Our process is simple and 100% online. Ordering a stone takes seconds. No follow ups, quotes, invoices and no other nonsense. By creating an account you can easily login to track all orders and review billing.

Price Point

Our stones are the most affordable. At $49.99 plus shipping, it's impossible to beat the value. If you you’re getting a stone cheaper, it’s because it’s a lower quality stone.

Customer First Mentality

We put the customer first, plain and simple. If there is any issue, we fix it immediately.


★★★★★  “I am a professional Stone installer, and this company has met all my expectations. I have ordered multiple stones from them, and everything has been perfect.” - Mike, Original Rock Designs


★★★★★  “They're Address Stone Genies." -  Rob, Blackburn Brick and Stone



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